The Winston Family

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Preston

Preston was in Florida on his birthday. David (Papa) and I had a birthday dinner and cake for him at our house and it was the first time he had got to see our new house. He turned 7 this year. I can't believe how the time has flown by.

Preston is reading his birthday card. He is has gotten to be a very good reader.
Showing his Mario Bros. DS game.
Preston loves cheese and crackers. I have to keep them on hand at our house for him.

Lost Picture

This picture was taken at the Family Reunion it of Tomi and her family. In the picture is Ryan held by Mike, Gage, Dana, Kelli, Bob, Tomi, and Tucker held by Danny.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What time is it? Its Scrapbook time.

My cousin Catherine made this pillow case for me. Isn't it cute. I had met 3 of my cousins in Texas for a scrapbook retreat. I had 3 days of scrapping. What fun! I got some things finished and enjoyed some quality time with my family.
Picture above Catherine and me.
Back row Catherine and Kathleen (they are sisters). Sitting next to me Angela. She is Catherine's daughter. Ever since she was a baby I've called her Angie. It's kind hard to get out of the habit. Catherine also made all of us T-shirts.

Taking a break

Preston at the Memphis Airport.

Lydia, Kayla and I took Preston to Florida to spend a few weeks with his other grandparents. We drove to Memphis Airport then flew on to Orlando. It was long and tiring flight, but everyone was glad to get to the Prices that night. Preston was so excited he could hardly sleep. The next day after we had lunch at Dixie Crossroads we headed back to Orlando for a little fun for us. We stayed at one of the Disney Caribbean Resort. It was the first time we stayed at one of the main resorts. It was very nice. By our room was a mama duck and her ducklings (or chicks). It was so cute she was just quacking at them and if one went the wrong way she would quack louder until they were by her side.
Us girls went and had breakfast the characters at 'Ohana's in the Polynesian Resort. Kayla played with our pager while we waited to be called.

They took our picture before we were called.

Lydia and Pluto. She took a picture of my and him, but I haven't gotten a copy from her yet. I haven't given her these copies yet either. We both have been extremely busy.
We found out that Kayla wouldn't have done very well at Magic Kingdom. She cried, scream when the characters came by except for Lilo.
See Mickey trying to cover his eyes, Kayla was crying. Lydia had recorded her crying and sent the video to Philip and all the grandparents.
Every few minute the characters would have a parade and march around the room with little kids follow them.

Kayla in her first Minnie Ears.
We went shopping at a few outlet malls. Kayla had the most fun when looking at herself in the mirror.
Heading home. Kayla loved looking out the window.

All about the Auction

The auction was on May 28th. I was excited about selling our house, but having several hundreds of people swarming me was very overwhelming. I had a moment of breakdown. I had to cry on David's shoulders for a minute. I was so glad when it was over. The people were nice, but there were a few that were hateful. God had bless us greatly. He gave us more than we had calculated up that we needed for our property. GOD IS GOOD! If you want to see what our old house look like if will have to check out one of the older posts.
I wouldn't doubt it if a least 5 acres were filled with automobiles.

Our back yard filling up with people.

I sold all but 4 of my dolls, they were ones I had since I was a kid.

Sarah got rid of some her stuff too.

Pictures of some of the tables outside full of stuff to sale.

Another angle of the table that were set outside full of stuff that was being sold.

An empty kitchen.
Bear living room except for our recliners.

Empty kitchen and living room. A few stuff left waiting to be pickup from new owners.

Our New House

The front of our new house. It has 3 bedrooms ( one of them is turn into my scrapbook room), 2 1/2 baths, study for David. One of the coolest things is that my master bath and laundry room both have a ceiling fan. How awesome!
This is the side/end of our house. The entrance by the garage goes into David's study.
This is David shop. He can do all his little projects and not have the garage full.

This is our front door. I just fell in love with it. My old doors were glass and it was hard to hang something on the front. I get to decorate for the each season and holidays now.
When I get finish unpacking I will post pictures of the inside. We still have boxes everywhere and we haven't finished buying our new furniture.