The Winston Family

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Vacation Trip

We started out towards West Virginia to see Robert Sheffie's grave. He was a circuit riding preacher. David had seen a movie about his life when he was in college and ever since then he wanted to go see his grave. Then we headed on to Hampton, Virginia. David had preach at Bro. C.J.'s church in Hampton while we were there. Bro. C.J. took us to see a military base that had a mote around it. It was Ft. Monroe.
We had spent a few hours at Virgina Beach. David rented this bicycle contraption. It was two double seated bicycles put together. At first David and Sarah were up front and each of them had steering wheel. David had switched place with Sarah to let her steer. David would get nervous and try to steer with his, but it didn't work.
David and I have always wanted to drive down the east coast to look at Lighthouses. Some of the we had a hard time finding, but we did find the Bodie Island Lighthouse in North Carolina. We fell in love with the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The smell of the waves coming onto the beach and the breeze and was very quiet.
I wanted to go eat at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah, GA. Well sadly I didn't get to, it was so busy the only time we could eat was late that night. So maybe another time. I did get to shop in her store. I bought me some bowls that were really cute and of course a T-shirt.
We spent a couple of days at Daytona beach. Sarah had fun trying to catch the waves.
This was a first for Sarah and I to go parasailing. David had done it about 10yrs ago. It wasn't as scrary as I tought it would be. We had so much fun. David and Sarah were the only ones to get sunburned. I told I didn't because it was the Indian in me. haha

Now it Sarah's turn to pick what she wants to do on vacation. We headed over to Orlando to go to Epcot. She had so much fun visiting all the different countrys. Her favorite was France.
We had lunch at China and it was delicious. David and Sarah tried on different hats at each country.

Sarah with her French Beret.
Sarah also wanted to go to Animal Kingdom.

We went to see what it feels like to be a bug. Sarah didn't like this show, because she is very scared of bug. David and I love it.
The last thing we did before heading home was to eat at Planet Hollywood. David and Sarah's food wasn't that good, but I did like my salad.
Doesn't it look pretty.
Now headed home after a long and tried two weeks.