The Winston Family

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In Loving Memory

While we were in Kansas, I had got a call from my cousin that my aunt had passed away. Her name is Betty Lou Ratliff Fields. Her nick name was Bootsie. She had been sick and in the hospital the first of December. Then on right before Christmas the family had found out that she had tumor on her brain and cancer in her lungs. She lived about a week and a half then passed away on the 4th of Jan. She was 74 years old. My uncle Dan (her husband) had passed away a few years ago with cancer too. I will truly miss her. I have alot of fond memories of her. When I was little, I got a new puppy. I was with Aunt Betty in her car with my new puppy. It had got car sick and threw up in her car. I remember her being upset, but I don't think she scolded me. When I turn 16 she had made me a quilt. It was a pretty light blue quilt. I still have it. I have it put up.

My brother Billy and I had taken our Dad to the funeral. My Dad is the baby of family. He was very close to his sister. He has one sister left, which is the eldest of 4 children. It was very hard on him. The funeral was really nice. Another cousin had officiated the cermony. One of my aunt's granddaughters was the soloist. She has a beautiful voice. She had sung my aunts favorite song "Sweet Anointing". The picture below is of my aunt and my dad.

In Dec. 2006, I was able to go on a cruise with my aunt and cousin. I flew to Texas to meet up with them. Then we drove down to Galveston to meet the ship. We spent a week going from Key West, Grand Caymen and Cozumel. I had so much fun spending a week with them. My aunt and I were breakfast buddies, because my cousin is a late sleeper. Aunt Betty didn't meet a stranger, enjoyed everyones company. One day she and I tried to play ping pong. It was so funny. I hadn't played in years, so I wasn't doing very good. And she has arthritis and it wasn't easy to move very fast, but we had fun. This picture was taken on the ship. Catherine (her daughter), Aunt Betty and me.

Bringing in the New Year

We have some very good friends in Kansas City, KS, The Shipman's. We have been friends with them for almost 12 years. Nicolas was about a month old when we met. We went to church together, until God moved us to Conway. Right after God moved them to Kansas to pastor a church. Their church is Fairview Baptist Church (link attached). Please stop by if you are traveling thur or visiting KC. You will love them and their members. Bro. Jarod ask David to preach a revival for them, starting New Years Eve thur the 4th of Jan. New Years Eve was on a Wednesday night and service started at 8pm til 12pm. Several of men and young men preach 10 minutes sermons. They had great singing also. I have to say even though all of them were great, my favorite was Nicolas and Bianca. David brought in the new year with his sermon. While he was preaching we could hear something outside. At first I thought it was a thunderstorm, but it turn out to be fireworks.
We slept until 1pm the next day. We got ready ate lunch at Chili's. Then the Shipmans took us a furniture store it was called The Nebraska Mall (link attached). It was the coolest thing, the store was bigger than our two malls put together. The store had furniture galore. Just click on the link have a look. Later when we got back home, we play on the Wii. They had Wii fitness and we had so much fun playing. Stephanie and Sarah are running a race. You run in place. Sarah got caught up in the running that she ran into the TV. It was so funny. David, Bianca and Nicolas are skiing, it was really hard. I tried skiing too, but I kept on rolling into a snowball.

Saturday we spent the day sightseeing. We stop at where the Pony Express started, in St. Joseph, MO. We had fun learning and seeing where the first mail delivery started. David and I like history (don't ask me any dates, I'm not good at remembering them, ha ha). Our pastor has used the story of the Pony Express in his sermons. Since we were close by we thought we check it out.

Began April 3, 1860, Ended Oct. 1861
Rider Qualifications: Ad read "Wanted,Young, skinny, wiry fellows. Not over 18. Must be expert riders. Willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred." Most riders were around 20. The youngest was 11.
Pay: They received $100 per month.
Horses: The riders got a fresh horse every 10 to 15 miles, they traveled an average of 10 miles per hour.
There were approximately 165 stations covering almost 2,000 miles.
In the beginning it cost $5.00 to send 1/2 ounce. By the end of Pony Express the price had dropped to $1.00 per 1/2 ounce.

The Winston's
Jina, Sarah and David

The Shipman's
Jarod, Nicolas, Bianca and Stephanie

I'm being silly. I'm acting like I am putting the mail in the pouch for delivery.
This a replica of what it would look like with the riders.

Use hospitality one to another... I Peter 4:9
Stephanie and I having a little fun.

The kids are sitting on the saddles (I'm not sure if they are the real ones) that were used for riders of Pony Express.

Two Beauties.Nicolas the Bandit.
We took Bianca to her favorite restaurant Red Lobster for her 16th birthday.
While waiting on our table, the girls watched the lobsters crawling around in the tank.

Bianca and Sarah showing what they had eaten. Sarah and Nicolas had crab legs. Usually we crack Sarah's for her, but we told her that she had start cracking her own now. Her and Nicolas did pretty good at getting the meat out.

Nicolas showing us how much he could eat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another tradition

We started this tradition when Sarah was little and our other kids were at home. Around the first of the month I will go out and start looking for a puzzle to put together. So on Christmas day when everything has settle down and quiet. We bring out the new puzzle for that year and start the fun. The time to finish the puzzle depends on its size. One year our puzzle was as big as the table, so it took us a couple of weeks to finish it. This one only took about 3 days to finish.

David is worn out from getting up early and cooking enough waffles for a big family. Thank you Dad you did a great job. It is always the kids favorite.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas at The Winston House

Above: Joshua with Kayla, Below: Lydia with Kayla

Above: Philip, Below: Dawn

Above: Jason, Below: Papa with Kayla
Below: Preston

Dalton and Zoey

David opening a present from me. I had framed our Christmas picture for his office. The frame had all our names engraved. It turned out really pretty.

We had four of our grand kids with us at Christmas. The eldest is Dalton and his sister Zoey. Then we have Preston and newest grand baby Kayla. Then my other two babies Sarah and Abby.

Me with my baby Abby. She is a miniature Schnauzer.

On Christmas Eve David, Joshua, Sarah and I open presents. Then on Christmas Morning is when the big fun starts. All the kids come over for breakfast then we open the presents for the kids.
One of the Winston's family traditions is to have waffles in the shape of Mickey and Minnie. So David is in charge of cooking the waffles and the kids bring over the other goodies. When breakfast is done and everything cleaned up, its time for the presents. Everyone will sit in a circle then one person at a time, going around the circle will open a present. This is done until all the presents are open. The kids have so much fun seeing what everyone got. It is also easier to take pictures like this.